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On air from 1:00 AM Pacific to 2:00 AM Pacific
The Big Pitch will be thirty minutes of pure bliss. Three perspective businesses seeking investment will have 60 seconds to pitch their business right on the air in efforts to secure an investment from our investment group. They will be on the hot seat where Big Pitch Radio will be asking questions to determine whether or not they meet the criteria for investment. You are going to want to tune in to see if they hit a home run our strike out.

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Hosted by Bob Sullivan
It’s not just your father’s business show!
On air from 2:00 AM Pacific to 3:00 AM Pacific
With his topical, laid back, and comic commentary of goings on in the business world, Sully isn’t only thinking outside the box—he didn't even know there was a box! With visits from the likes of Gazillionaire Kris Skrinak, The Finance Babe, The Mortgage Dude and Ball Boy Kyle!! Add live call-ins from educated listeners of all ages, live in-studio guests, and even rock n’ roll bands, and you’ve got the most engaging virtual bar room on the radio dial.

KITZ 1400 AM

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Financial Wealth, Political Health

KITZ 1400 AM is a business/talk station serving the Puget Sound Region. With award winning business programming and talk radio, the spectrum of current issues and entertainment is covered.


The Evolution of the Megatalk Format:

  1. 1985- The FCC issues a broadcast license and grants permission to relocate the transmitter to the current site at the Kitsap Fairgrounds.
  2. 1986- The station is purchased by Silversound Broadcasting Company. A music format featuring an adult contemporary style is featured.
  3. 1995- The station is sold to the Kitsap Broadcast Group Inc. Modern Country reigns on the 1400 airwaves.
  4. 2000- The station is changed to the current programming of news and talk in the wake of the purchase by the KITZ Radio, Inc. Group.

KITZ is affiliated with:

  • KGTK / 920 AM Olympia-Seattle, Washington
  • KBNP / 1410 AM Portland, Oregon
  • KSBN / 1230 AM Spokane, Washington


The KITZ 1400 AM signal originates from a 230 foot broadcast tower located on the Kitsap County Fairgrounds, adjacent to the Baseball Stadium. State of the art broadcast facilities and production capabilities are located at the Towne Square Mall in Port Orchard.

Postal Address

MegaTalk KITZ 1400 AM
1700 Mile Hill Dr.
Suite 243
Port Orchard, Washington 98366

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